Why we do what we do


For many years, we have poured our soul and style into wine and cider making. Now, we present to you, Cellar Beast Winehouse…the fruition of our dreams and hard work.
Our purpose, at Cellar Beast, is to sustainably craft extraordinary wine and cider using minimal intervention. We believe in nature. We believe in stewarding our land to create a healthy, biodiverse space for our beverage ingredients.
It is our intention to share our beverages with our community, in a safe and inclusive space, while creating an exceptional, educational experience for all of our patrons.
Our team (all of whom are certified sommeliers) is comprised of individuals who have worked in many facets of the wine industry; from vineyard management to head winemaker, tasting room to wine sales, sommelier to cellar master.
We have a deep love for producing wine and cider, and are so excited to welcome you to our winehouse- as well as to share with you the experience of our efforts.
We want to thank you for taking the time to stop by our site! We are deeply appreciative of everyone who is interested in coming along on our journey, and we cannot wait to meet you!
~The Cellar Beasts