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Bar Packages


Below are the various bar packages that we offer for Private Event Rentals. 

Wine and cider offerings are exclusively from Cellar Beast Winehouse. 

Rock the
Cash Bar

Guests pay per beverage at our tasting bar. This option requires a minimum of two staff members. The host can choose a specific amount to cap the cash bar if they so choose, contact Melissa for more details.

Cellar Beast Option

PREPAY OPTION: Prepay for wine and cider with a one case minimum (mix and match) and receive a 10% discount on 1 case, 15% on 2 or more cases.  All alcohol is yours and any remaining alcohol may be taken home. This option is based on self service.  Servers are available for an additional fee. 

Cellar Beast & Brews Option

To provide your guests with local brewed beer,  We partner with a few local craft breweries to provide options other than wine and cider for your party.  This package is available with a minimum of 1 case of each beer or in keg form for larger parties.  Local beer in cans or keg from one of our brewery partners will be added to this option. 

Full Beast Mode

Want the whole thing? We can make that happen.  Our full bar can be available for your event with access to our entire wine, cider and beer list.  In addition, We offer 2 cocktails on the menu and we can work with you to create a customized cocktail specifically for your event. This option will require a 2 server minimum at an additional rate/ hour.  



Add ons to any event : Guided tastings of 4 wines for your party (40 person max). Sliding scale pricing.





*Tax and Gratuity will be added to all packages.  All packages are in addition to your base rental.  Glassware is included with all alcoholic purchase

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