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Why You Should Visit A Winery in Winter

November and December months are bittersweet times for your wine collection. While you get to share your favorite wines with your friends and family over Thanksgiving and Christmas, you will most likely end up with an empty or half-full wine rack. What's the good news? The winter calm at wineries is the perfect time for you to restock your collection!

You may think that spring, summer, or fall seasons are the perfect time to take a trip to a winery to get alluring sunshine views and experience a full bloom vineyard. Maybe you thought that once the winter season comes around, you hole up indoors and shouldn't even think about a vineyard escapade, as it must be less than ideal. Well, you're mistaken! There is always something happening here at Cellar Beast, even during the off-season.

Wineries are perfect leisure spots during the winter! There are plenty of seasonal wines available during this time of the year. Red wines reign supreme from December to March, and white wines are just about ready for bottling by the end of February. You will not only appreciate the warmth of a Merlot or Pinot Noir, but you also get the chance to try out new concoctions!

Tours and tastings also continue even during the winter. You get to visit beautiful, warm wine cellars and watch as wine crafters carefully "top up" their barrels. Wines made during the harvest season are in barrels and stainless steel tanks, and reds and whites are both aged during this time.

Maintenance and pruning occur during this season too. It is an essential step to making sure vineyards appear beautiful, spruce, and fresh, and it sets up vines' growth patterns for 12 months to come.

At Cellar Beast Winehouse, there is never any shortage of reasons to visit a beautiful vineyard – whether soaked in the summer sun or drizzled in beautiful white snow! Our love for nature lets us craft our wines and ciders sustainably, creating a healthy and biodiverse space for our beverages throughout all seasons. Book your reservation with us today!

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