Make Wine with Cellar Beast

The Private Reserve Program is a unique opportunity for wine enthusiasts and hospitality businesses. This program offers the best value for bulk quantities of wine and gives an educational look into the winemaking process.

Create your own blend of wine with the oversight of our team. Our winemakers are ready to customize your experience based on your desired involvement level.

How does it work?

You or your business select a type of wine. Selections must be made in June for the final product to be delivered in August of the following year.

Then you can work with our team to produce and refine your wine. We can even customize your label.

We offer the following quantities of wine for the Private Reserve Program:

  • Quarter of a barrel (70 bottles)
  • Half barrel (140 bottles)
  • Full barrel (280 bottles)
Pressing Cellar Beast
Barrel Tasting Cellar Beast

Why should I make wine with your team?

  • You can get your wine for $18-$25 per bottle that we would normally charge $35-$65 per bottle for as a finished product.
  • Our winemaking team is quite knowledgeable and are extremely excited to share what they know about wine with you and your group.
  • Because it's fun. Who doesn't want to have fun? Plus, you get your own custom label!
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Private Reserve Program Timeline

Make Your Selection

By June, you will need to make your wine selection for it to be ready for bottling the following year. Our team will work with you to choose something from our availability. Your down payment will also happen at this time.

September - October
Grape Destemming and Pressing

The grapes will arrive at our Andreas, PA facility sometime in September or October. These steps are extremely time-sensitive. Our team will notify Private Reserve members when destemming and pressing will occur, but we cannot accommodate any schedule requests.

December - July
Wine Aging

From December to July of the following year, your wine will age in the barrel you have selected. You may schedule barrel tastings with our team during this time to taste the evolution of your wine.

Blending Session (If Applicable)

If you have chosen a blended wine, our team will coordinate a blending session with you in July. In this session, the winemakers will have you taste a couple of blends, and you will choose your perfect blended wine.

Wine Bottling

Bottling usually happens in August (of the year following when your grapes have arrived). If you have chosen custom labels, they will go on at this time too. You can take your wine cases on the same day of bottling.


Frequently Asked Question

How much does it cost?

Depending on the wine variety and the quantity, bottles range from $18 - $25.

We offer orders in the following quantities:

  • Quarter of a barrel (70 bottles)
  • Half barrel (140 bottles)
  • Full barrel (280 bottles)

How involved will I be in the process?

Our winemakers will lead the winemaking process to ensure quality, but you may be present at all steps to experience and taste the evolution of your wine.

What if I cannot wait a year for a bulk order of wine?

Due to barrel processing time, the Private Reserve Program can take over a year to deliver your final product. We understand that some customers would like wine sooner. Take a look at our Custom Label Program for quicker turnaround on larger orders.

Custom Label PRogram

Will I be able to schedule the winemaking steps?

Yes, once the wine is in the barrel, our team will work with you to taste your barrel in the winter, schedule a blending session, and bottle your wine.

Unfortunately, the beginning steps with the grapes are extremely time-sensitive due to uncontrollable variables. Our team will communicate with you when your grapes will be destemmed and pressed; however, we can not accommodate your scheduling requests for these steps.

What is the minimum quantity I can buy into?

A quarter barrel (70 bottles) is the smallest quantity we offer.

We also recommend going in on an order with a small group of friends or family members to share your special experience and customized bottles.