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The Private Reserve Program is an opportunity for wine collectors, winemaking students, restaurants & breweries that want their own brand even friends & family that want to be a part of the process together to have their own wine and label to show off in their cellar. You select which wine you'd like to make from our list of options, what kind of barrel, and be a part of the entire process from grape to bottle. Join the program for a quarter of a barrel (70 bottles), half barrel (140 bottles) or a full barrel (280 bottles). Selections must be made in June for the upcoming fall harvest. Be there for the de-stemming and pressing of grapes in the fall, taste out of your barrel in the winter to see the development of your grape, and in July enjoy blending sessions to determine your final blend. In most cases you'll go home with your custom bottles in August. We are only going to open up slots for a few barrels this year so inquire now to secure your spot!

Why should I make wine with your team?

A. You can get your wine for $18-$25 per bottle that we would normally charge $35-$65 per bottle for as a finished product.

B. Our winemaking team is quite knowledgeable and are extremely excited to share what they know about wine with you and your group.

C. Because it's fun. Who doesn't want to have fun? Plus, you get your own custom label!

When does it all happen?

Grape Selection & Down Payment: June to August
Grapes Arrive: September thru October
Destemming begins immediately

Pressing: About 2 weeks after destemming
Wine Aging: December through July
Blending: (if applicable) July
Bottling: Usually August!
You take it home same day!

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