The motley crew of humans who brought our house to life


Matthew Check

Head Winemaker

At the heart and soul of Cellar Beast Winehouse is our award winning Head Winemaker and creator of the wine Dark Angel, Matt Check. There’s no doubt that our wines would not be renown if it weren’t for Matt's masterful technique.  A Level IV Sommelier (Wine School of Philadelphia) and former athlete; his energy and enthusiasm are contagious.


Karin Kozlowski

Vineyard Manager, Cider Witch

A former glassblower and fire-breather, Karin has been a dedicated vineyard and cellar rat for the past decade, as well having 19 years experience in the service industry. She started making wine and cider in the Midwest before she came back to her birth-state of PA. Upon her return, she achieved her Level IV ADV Sommelier Certificate and Teaching Certification from the Wine School of Philadelphia where she is currently a Masters Candidate. Karin has an undying love of vultures, prefers being outside, is a major supporter of natural wine, will always help you light a fire and is incredibly excited to bring you delectably unusual cider concoctions.

Brian Crew

Winemaker, Sales Manager

Adding knowledge, professionalism, and hints of humor to Cellar Beast Winehouse is our award winning expert Winemaker and creator of the wine Midnight Archer, Brian Crew. There is no question that our superb wine quality relies on Brian’s attention to detail. A Level III Sommelier (Wine School of Philadelphia) working on his Level IV and former entertainer; he is always eager to share wine and knowledge in a unique way.

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Erika Assise

Associate Winemaker, Event Coordinator


Erika began her career as a teacher and from there moved on to work as a beauty & wellness specialist. Now, she has finally found her calling in the world of wine.


She got her start in the industry working with the PLCB as a wine specialist but wanted more of behind-the-scenes investigation into the craft. This led her to working at Stone and Key Cellars in Montgomeryville. As she began to see the work and dedication that went into winemaking, she fell in love with the process. Through self-study and wine tasting with the team, Erika realized that hers was not only a passion for wine, but a resounding need to be involved in its creation. Her love for the art behind every bottle has taken her from tasting room representative to Associate Winemaker here at Cellar Beast.


For the winehouse’s inaugural year, she is overseeing the Oregon Pinot Noir Program (which also happens to be her favored varietal). Pinot can be a desperately tricky grape to work with, but her great attention to detail and easy-going personality makes her a perfect fit to guide these delicate wines from vine to bottle.


Erika is an exceptional addition to the team, and all are excited to see the development of her skills, and the prowess of her wines!