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The Only Wine You Need This Thanksgiving


Pairing wine with a meal can be tricky, even when a meal is simple. On a holiday like Thanksgiving— where a cornucopia full of noshes and sides that normally wouldn't be on the same plate meet for one day a year — selecting the right bottle can feel like quite the challenge.

What if we told you there's no need to stress matching a bottle of wine to each flavor or dish? What if a bottle of wine could pair well with aunt Carol's green bean casserole, your dad’s turkey recipe, mom’s maple-glazed vegetables, AND her world-famous cranberry sauce?

Well, what about white wine? White wine pairs great with light food like fish or salad, but it doesn't compliment heavier meats like steak in the way that a red wine would. If you're looking for the perfect food wine for your Thanksgiving table, we recommend a classic Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir is an excellent in-between if you're looking for a wine that pairs well with both light and dark meat turkey. Pinot Noir — especially earthy Pinots like the kind we make at Cellar Beast — contains classic fall flavors such as cranberry and other red fruits already found in several signature sides!

Most Pinot Noir tends to be on the more fruity side, especially if it’s made in the U.S. Our Pinot is a French-style burgundy. These wines tend to pack just enough fruit and a high amount of acid to match. It's light-bodied and won't overshadow the taste of your dishes.

Pinot Noir is sure to help make a meal to remember!

While this may be an excellent option for Thanksgiving, our Pinot pairs well with food throughout the year. So, whether you're stocking up for Thanksgiving or getting a head start on December's holidays, this is a favorite to add to your shopping list. Our Pinot can be found at our online store at or at our Winehouse and tasting room in Andreas, PA.

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Cheers, and give thanks!

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