June 10, 2024

The Perfect Pair: A Beginner’s Guide to Wine and Cheese Pairings

We’re embarking on a delightful journey through the world of wine and cheese pairing.

The Perfect Pair: A Beginner’s Guide to Wine and Cheese Pairings

Whether you're hosting a private event, baby shower, dream wedding, or wedding day at our perfect venue with an ideal backdrop of our vineyard or simply planning a cozy evening at home, understanding how to pair wine and cheese will elevate your experience. So, grab a glass, cut a slice of cheese, and let's dive into the art of pairing!

Why Pair Wine and Cheese?

Before we get into the specifics, let's talk about why wine and cheese are such a legendary duo. Both wine and cheese are products of fermentation, which means they share certain flavor profiles and complexities. When paired correctly, the flavors of wine and cheese complement and enhance each other, creating a culinary experience that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Charcuterie board workshop at Cellar 159 with a Cellar Beast Gewürztraminer pairing.

Basic Pairing Principles

  1. Match Intensity: Ensure the wine and cheese match in intensity. A strong, robust cheese can overwhelm a delicate wine, while a bold wine might drown out a subtle cheese.
  2. Consider the Region: Often, wines and cheeses from the same region pair well together. This is a nod to the terroir, or the environmental factors that influence the flavor of both the wine and cheese.
  3. Balance Acidity and Fat: Wines with higher acidity can cut through the richness of creamy cheeses, creating a balanced bite.
  4. Sweet and Salty: Sweet wines can complement salty cheeses beautifully, offering a delicious contrast.

Classic Pairings to Get You Started

Let’s explore some classic pairings that are sure to impress, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned connoisseur.

1. Chardonnay and Brie

Our elegant Chardonnay, with its notes of apple and pear, pairs wonderfully with Brie. The creamy, buttery texture of Brie creates the perfect backdrop for the crisp acidity and subtle oak flavors of Chardonnay. This pairing is perfect for a light afternoon snack or the beginning of a multi-course meal.

2. Cabernet Sauvignon and Aged Cheddar

The bold, full-bodied character of our Cabernet Sauvignon, rich with dark fruit and a hint of spice, finds its match in aged Cheddar. The cheese’s sharp, tangy flavor and firm texture stand up well to the wine’s robust tannins. This duo is a great choice for a hearty evening gathering.

3. Sauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese

Our Sauvignon Blanc, known for its zesty citrus notes and vibrant acidity, pairs brilliantly with goat cheese. The wine’s acidity cuts through the tanginess of the cheese, creating a refreshing and balanced taste. This is an ideal pairing for a summer picnic or a casual brunch.

4. Merlot and Gouda

The smooth, velvety nature of our Merlot, featuring plum and black cherry notes, pairs excellently with Gouda. The nutty, caramel flavors of Gouda enhance the fruitiness of the Merlot, making this combination a crowd-pleaser at any event.

5. Sparkling Wine and Camembert

For those who love a bit of bubbly, our sparkling wine pairs delightfully with Camembert. The effervescence of the sparkling wine cuts through the rich, creamy texture of the cheese, creating a harmonious balance that’s perfect for celebrations.

Cellar Beast Pinot Noir and cheese pairing at a pairing dinner with Scott Dee's Catering

Crafting Your Own Pairings

Feeling adventurous? Here’s how you can create your own wine and cheese pairings at home:

  1. Start with Your Favorites: Pick a wine and cheese you already love and see how they interact. Note the flavors and textures.
  2. Experiment with Contrasts: Try pairing a salty cheese with a sweet wine or a creamy cheese with a crisp, acidic wine.
  3. Host a Tasting Party: Gather a variety of wines and cheeses, and invite friends over to our iconic venue for a tasting. This is not only fun but also a great way to discover new pairings.

Hosting a Private Event at Cellar Beast

Imagine your favorite venue type; hosting a private event at Cellar Beast's banquet hall event space, where you and your guests can enjoy these exquisite pairings in a picturesque vineyard setting. Our perfect event venue offers a charming and elegant atmosphere, a memorable wedding venue, meeting venue for corporate events, party venue, or just an ideal venue for private tastings.

When you book an event with us in our beautiful venue, out of thousands of party venues, you’ll have access to our expert team who can guide you through a personalized wine and cheese pairing experience. We’ll help you select the perfect wines and cheeses to match the theme and mood of your event in our beautiful event venue banquet hall, ensuring your guests leave with their palates delighted and their hearts full.

Private event space rental at Cellar Beast's barrel Room in Andreas, PA.

Customized Wine and Cheese Pairing Sessions

For a truly unique experience, consider adding a customized wine and cheese pairing session to your event. Our sommeliers will work with you to create a tailored tasting menu, featuring our finest wines and the best local and imported cheeses. It’s a fantastic way to engage your guests and provide an educational and enjoyable activity.

Wine and cheese pairing workshop at Cellar 159 for Valentine's Day.


At Cellar Beast, we believe that the perfect wine and cheese pairing is an art that enhances the enjoyment of both. Whether you’re just starting your journey into the world of wine or you’re a seasoned enthusiast, our guided tastings and private events are designed to elevate your experience and deepen your appreciation for these culinary delights.

In your database of event venues and non-traditional venues during your venue selection process, we invite you to book your next spring wedding venue with bar service in our venue space and discover the magic of wine and cheese pairing in the perfect backdrop of our vineyard in the perfect space. Raise a glass to good times, great company, and the joy of discovering the perfect pair - À votre santé, and we look forward to welcoming you to Cellar Beast's magical venue soon!

About Cellar Beast:

Our team of skilled winemakers and sommeliers offer an enriching experience and a remarkable selection of dry wines that will transform your perception of wine flavors available in Pennsylvania. Carefully curated from top producers, our wines have made Cellar Beast a sought-after destination for client experiences in a truly memorable setting. Located in an ideal backdrop just a stone's throw from the Lizard Creek Inn (www.lizardcreekinn.com), our wine campus brings our vision to life with a unique array of wines, especially French varieties, distinguishing us in a region typically known for sweeter wines. Joining a tasting session with our award-winning team is like participating in an immersive wine course; it’s an amazing experience designed to excite your palate, enhance your scent recognition from primary to tertiary aromas, engage you in blind tastings, and help you fully appreciate the distinctive wines carrying the Cellar Beast label.

Many of our wine lovers find inspiration to further their wine education at the Wine School of Philadelphia (www.vinology.com). We also provide a branded experience with exclusive selections, including sparkling wines, for our wine club members, setting new standards for what you expect from a bottle of wine. Cellar Beast has achieved top honors, such as Double Golds and Best in Class, at numerous wine competitions, with ratings reaching up to 97 points.

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The Perfect Pair: A Beginner’s Guide to Wine and Cheese Pairings

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