July 16, 2024

Unfiltered Wine: Embracing the Pure Essence at Cellar Beast in Andreas, PA

Uncork the mysteries of unfiltered wine and explore the differences between unfiltered reds and whites.

Unfiltered Wine: Embracing the Pure Essence at Cellar Beast in Andreas, PA

Hello wine drinkers! We are opening the cork on the topic of unfiltered wines today at Cellar Beast! If you have ever heard the word ‘unfiltered’ thrown around, you probably don’t really know what it means. And you’re probably not too concerned.. till now! We’re going to uncover some tasty truths between unfiltered whites and reds, and discover what makes unfiltered amazing wines really taste like. Fill a souvenir wine glass full of your favourite libation, and join me as we break the seal on why unfiltered wine is worth the hype. By the time we are through with our tasting, you’ll be ready to register for a guided tasting with some of our talented sommeliers, and we will bring the samples straight from wine country to your doorstep.

What Does “Unfiltered” Mean?

You might be familiar with another common wine making practice: filtering. It’s akin to adding a few finishing touches to the wine before bottling – removing sediment, yeast and other particles so that the wine is crystal clear and certain it won’t turn a glass of wine cloudy. But as much as filtering creates a stable, brilliant end-product, it also strips away nuances of flavor and texture. Unfiltered wines skip this step altogether. What that means for us as consumers is that we can still experience the wine in all its naked, robust glory, as close to nature as they come, completely singular – pure, complex, and full of life.

Cellar Beast's unfiltered Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.

Why Choose Unfiltered Wines?

Picking unfiltered wines might be likened to choosing a more artisanal, less processed product. Here are some reasons to reach for that bottle with no filter. 1. You care about natural purity. In line with this principle, you prefer meals that are as free from interference as possible. 2. You don’t welcome the addition of chemicals, which are used to keep the wine from quickly spoiling after bottling.

  1. Flavor and Aroma: Because they are not filtered, unfiltered wines often have more concentrated flavours and aromas since they retain all the micro-specks of flavor and intensity.
  2. Texture: Expect a little more weight and body from this glass of wine. You’ll have more to chew on with these. So now you know which wines to choose, but how do you make the most of them? The first rule of notebook club is… For notebook wines you need to work. More depth calls for more input. With these wines, layering tasting words onto your tasting note can propel it to greater heights of sensual impression. You need to chew at them and tweak them for a few days. Don’t be overly purist or linear. Conflate a few of the separate tasting details. Or dream up a new descriptor that fits the bill a little better. Chardonnay: steely, zesty, hard, light apple. Petit Verdot: polished, prickly, tough, dark spice. Tannat: grainy, grippy, thirsty – granite? Cinsault: soft, spicy, breezy, baked red fruit. Chenin Blanc: smoky, mealy, dried apple, haze.
  3. Health Benefits: Some argue that unfiltered wines contain more beneficial molecules, such as antioxidants and polyphenols, because they are less processed.
  4. Tradition and Authenticity: Untouched by man, wines ferment naturally through the ages-old traditional methodology which bestows a glimpse of winemaking history and got to taste the artisanal skill and craftsmanship.

Unfiltered White Wines

Unfined white wines come as a revelation to anyone who thinks white wines are all about freshness and shouts of fruit. Only quality wines with confidence in their purity and happy to rock a touch of turbidity survive intact. What are they like? Here’s to clarity. Here, forthrightness can take a back seat; instead, depth and nuance can be coaxed out in colours that shy away from the vivid and could be described as soft. Just as a fine-skinned red wine has only hints of redness, so a good white wine can signal itself only by avoiding the milk-white and moving into very pale yellows. The champions of these wines, with names such as Chenin blanc and Riesling, can also carry unsung accents of musk and hay.

  1. Appearance: Unfiltered white wines can be hazier than filtered wine Various natural winemakers share a similar philosophy There’s another very good reason to ditch the filters and slow down the production process: that inefficiency creates time for fascinating, complex flavours, rich textures and profound aromas to develop in the wine. It’s a subjective realm, but what many in the barefoot camp have that the sunglass-wearing crowd lacks is this cowboy spirit, this sense of the wine being a completion of a journey rather than simply a bottle on a shelf.
  2. Aromatics: Expect a flurry of aromatic complexity: Fine lees (the dead yeast cells) can lend some tension and complexity to the bouquet, with hints of fresh bakery, nuts and floral prettiness.
  3. Flavor Profile: Unfiltered whites can get more complex on the palate, with flavours ranging from vibrant citrus and green apple to deeper, more savoury notes of brioche and almond.
  4. Texture: They also often have a creamy, richer texture, as the wine will still have had contact with lees.

Example at Cellar Beast: Haziness fits unfiltered Chardonnay perfectly. Our unfiltered Chardonnay has a nice haze – light lemon zest, apple, and toast/brioche; creamy texture; pear, citrus, and walnut flavours; clean, dry, and long with lovely minerality.

The next vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon fruit, and our winemakers want to make sure we don't miss any of its complex flavors in filtration.

Unfiltered Red Wines

Unfiltered reds, then, are your best opportunity to taste the full potential of the grape. Here are just some of their virtues. 1. Wine tastes better when you can taste the flavours from the grape. 2. Alcohol acts as a natural preservative so wine left to sit ages well. 3. In contact with oxygen for a while, a little of a wine’s sulphur burns off.  4. Unfined, unfiltered reds are your best opportunity to taste the full potential of the grape. 5. It makes you feel like a trailblazer.

  1. Appearance: These reds are going to be darker and likely a little more opaque. Depending on the age of the wine, you may find some sediment at the bottom of the bottle. This is a natural and part of the overall experience with unfiltered wines.
  2. Aromatics: The nose of the unfiltered red will be more forceful and complex with more pronounced blackfruit, spice and earth characters.
  3. Flavor Profile: These are rich, full-bodied wines with lusher, more concentrated flavours. More layers of fruit, spice and sometimes earthiness or minerality which add on layers of complexity.
  4. Texture: Unfiltered reds are extremely lush, almost syrupy mouth-filling. By retaining small particles, the wine can be velvety and even thick, allowing the drinker to engage with it on a more tactile level.

Example at Cellar Beast: Our unfiltered Cabernet Sauvignon is a masterpiece. Purple-black in colour, it opens up with perfumed aromas of blackcurrant, plum and a whiff of leather. On the palate, dark fruits and spices are wonderfully intertwined with earthy notes and soft tannins that persist on the long finish, perfect with a charcuterie board.

Serving and Storing Unfiltered Wines

The following suggestions for serving and storing unfiltered wines will help to keep your interest piqued.

  1. Decanting: This wine is unfiltered and naturally has sediment, so it is in your best interest to pull the cork a few hours before you plan to drink and decant it to let it breathe and separate a bit.
  2. Storage: Keep unfiltered wines stored on their sides in a dark and cool place. Wines that have not been filtered tend to dry out their cork, driving air into the bottle, and may oxidize quickly as a result. Temperature may be a little more important to unfiltered wines, especially whites, so try to keep things stable.
  3. Serving Temperature: Chill unfiltered whites a little less than filtered whites to improve their freshness, and serve unfiltered reds just below room temperature to develop their full, round profile.
Try unfiltered wines for yourself at Cellar Beast with a guided wine tasting.

Experience Unfiltered Wines at Cellar Beast

But the ideal way to experience them to the fullest is to taste them first-hand, up close. Come to Cellar Beast and one of our excellent sommeliers will guide you on a sensory journey through our range of unfiltered wine by the glass. Why you should book guided tastings:

  1. Educational Experience: What is the vinification process? Why do unfiltered wines require immediate recorking once opened? How can you learn to taste like a professional?
  2. Exclusive Selections: Sample a selection of declassified wines that our staff enjoys, including some exclusive to our tasting room, which shine a light on our winemaking approach.
  3. Personalized Guidance: Our sommeliers will offer a personalized experience to reach your target.
  4. Purchase and Delivery: Should you go weak for a bottle, simply buy your favorites online and we’ll dispatch them to you – ready to be opened for your next dinner party or wine trail, elevate your weeknight or whenever you fancy some peace and quiet with a glass.


Unfiltered wines are more complex, intense, layered and ultimately expressive of the wine they represent – of that particular terroir, of the winemaking culture around it – in a more honest, unadulterated way. At Cellar Beast we pride ourselves in producing these wines. Come and join us for a blind tasting, winery tour, and unfiltered wine experience where all your senses will come alive and you will be able to discover for yourself the magic of unfiltered wine.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tasting today (or offer a friend the perfect gift) and let’s raise a glass of wine to the pure, unfiltered beauty of wine. Santé!

About Cellar Beast:

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Unfiltered Wine: Embracing the Pure Essence at Cellar Beast in Andreas, PA

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